Your Business Partner is your Spouse: How to Have a Successful Business AND a Happy Marriage

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Owning a business is tough; so is being married. If you’re one of the millions people who happen to be married to your business partner then you likely know the extra challenges that come along with mixing business with marriage.Finally, a book that will help you navigate through many of the main problems married couples face when they become business partners. Things like lack of direction, mixing roles, ineffective communication and poor money management are a tried and true formula for disaster. Stop fighting over the business and putting that added stress to your marriage!The training, exercises and experiences in this book are designed to open the door of communication, understanding, empathy and trust between you and your spouse like never before. Business owners who implement these strategies are able to grow their business AND strengthen their marriage, simultaneously.

About the Author

Kristen Deese is a Business Coach and Certified Behavioral Consultant who helps businesses grow by strengthening the 'behind the scenes' framework and communication strategies within the organization. After 20 years of business ownership with her husband and business partner, Justin, she uses coaching as her vehicle in which to serve others.

Justin Deese is a serial entrepreneur who thrives in the business sales and leadership arena. His love of small business is evident through the many companies he's started, bought, sold and led. Together, Kristen & Justin are a business growth force to be reckoned with. They have experienced the ups and downs of running a business while keeping their marriage alive and are sharing what they have learned with the world.

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