The Zquel Monitor - Single Unit Sample (Includes 1yr Cloud Subscription)

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US patent #10,231,200

The ZQUEL Monitor is a System Efficiency Monitoring Tool

with Realtime Insights, Performance Ratings and Indoor Air Quality Benefits.

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Single unit sample: $59.95 + One year cloud subscription $29.88 ($2.49/month)

Contractor in app logo programming – $49.95 (Check box at checkout)


  • Every time your customer opens the app, your logo will be the first thing they see giving the app a custom look and feel no one else has.
  • Customer (and contractor) can see status and efficiency of their system in real time at any time, essentially a “fitbit” for the home. Text box in the app lets customers text the contractor at anytime.

Enhance club memberships:

  • Should be included with top level membership, and an option with other levels.
  • Gives customers perception of real value for their membership fees.
  • Better club membership renewal rate because customers will not want to lose the app, and they will stay locked in to that contractor.
  • Can also be included in all new installations, with or without a club membership. Gives the contractor a place in the home amd mind of the customer 24/7/365.


  • See Every Customer's System data 24/7 Through Your Contractor Page. Quickly monitor all registered customer's system performance from your Contractor Page.
  • A problem caught by the monitor can flag a sales opportunity in between scheduled tune-ups.
  • System monitoring and IAQ in the same unit present sales opportunities in both areas.


  • Unlike all other monitoring systems, the Zquel monitor does not require physical connection to the thermostat or any other part of the HVAC system.
  • The monitor can be set up in as little as 5 minutes by plugging the monitor into an outlet, downloading the zquel app, and linking to the home wifi.

Appropriately priced for a residential system add-on.

  • Arm your techs with the latest technology.
  • Gain insight and new opportunities to communicate with your customers, and increase your organizations time and efficiency, all at a lower cost than other monitors and with little to no learning curve.

We aim to make our data and graphics straightforward, to the point, and not unnecessarily complicated.

Step up your organizations technology without learning complicated new systems or a long, intricate installation time, then sit back and enjoy a sales driven model while both you and your customers experience the convenience of 24/7 monitoring with the Zquel monitor.

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