The Innovation Blind Spot - Why we back the wrong ideas and what to do about it.

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Entrepreneurial activity is near a 30-year low. Investors continue to dump billions of dollars into
photo-sharing apps and food-delivery services, solving problems for only a wealthy sliver of the
world’s population, while challenges in health, food security, and education grow more serious.

In The Innovation Blind Spot , entrepreneur and venture capitalist Ross Baird argues that the
innovations that truly matter don’t see the light of day. A handful of people in a handful of cities
are deciding, behind closed doors, which entrepreneurs get a shot to succeed. Baird demonstrates
how and where to find better ideas by lifting up people, places, and industries that are often
overlooked. What’s more, Baird ultimately outlines how to eliminate the blind spot that separates
“what we do for a living” and “what we really care about.”

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