The Daily Edge: Simple Strategies to Increase Efficiency and Make an Impact Every Day

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Wall Street Journal best-selling author David Horsager frequently hears executives lament that their hands are more than full trying to balance the barrage of tasks they face on a daily basis. While he never set out to be a productivity expert, Horsager realized that over the years he has developed and adopted dozens of extraordinarily practical time- and energy-saving techniques that could help today's leader. The key objective is to become so effective in the little things that you have enough time for more meaningful interactions.

In The Daily Edge, you'll learn strategies such as identifying the key difference-making actions on which to focus your efforts. Perhaps it's time to set a personal or even companywide "power hour" during which you don't attend meetings, answer the phone, or reply to emails, creating the time and space to really focus and get things done. The 35 high-impact ideas Horsager introduces in succinct, quick chapters are easily implemented and powerful on their own. Taken together, they form a solid wave of efficacy that enables you to get more done, keep your energy up, and make sure you're able to honor all your relationships, both personal and professional.

"I recommend this book for every person that wants to do more with life than watch TV all day until they switch to watching TV all evening. If you and your team have any ambitions at all, read this book. I love to read non-fiction. But, for those that don't, this book is a very quick and concise read. I implemented suggestions from the first few chapters in my company the day I read them and my team loved them. It has improved our efficiency and productivity instantly"
-J. Plunkett

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