Sprinkles: Creating Awesome Experiences Through Innovative Service

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Creating Awesome Experiences Through Innovative Service

Value‐added has been the service solution for many service exemplars—take what customers expect and add a little more. But value‐added extras have gotten a lot more expensive. Tough economic times call for a new approach: value‐unique service. Ingenious service trumps generous among today’s picky customers. It is not enough to wow your customers; winning service providers awe their customers

Sprinkles: Creating Awesome Experiences Through Innovative Service is your instruction manual and inspirational guide to making service an experience that causes your customers to swoon, smile, and sing your praises! It is your spark plug for bringing energy and igniting your customers’ experiences. And, it can turn bored, overworked employees into ones who are fired‐up and ready‐to‐enchant! What makes a good cupcake special is sprinkles—the same concept for turning good service into delightfully memorable service. Crafted around gourmet theme, the book provides nine “recipes” to guide your practice—think of them as lenses fashioned to reveal special strategies and techniques you can use to become the subject of glowing remarks via word of mouth and word of mouse!
Value-added has  been the  service  solution for  many  service  exemplars—take what  customers  expect  and  add  a  little  more.  But  value-added  extras  have  gotten  a  lot  more  expensive.  Tough  economic  times  call  for  a  new  approach:  value-unique  service.    Ingenious  service  trumps  generous  among  today’s  picky  customers.    It  is  not enough to wow your customers; winning service providers awe their customers!

Chip is the author of 21 books, many international or national best sellers. Some include The 9½ Principles of Innovative Service, Wired and Dangerous (co‐authored with John Patterson and a winner of a 2012 Independent Publishers IPPY Award), Take Their Breath Away (also with John Patterson), Managers as Mentors (with Marshall Goldsmith and winner of the Athena Award), Magnetic Service (with Bilijack Bell and winner of the 2004 Benjamin Franklin Award), Managing Knock Your Socks Off Service (with Ron Zemke) and Service Magic (also with Ron Zemke). He has appeared live on CNBC, CNN, CBS, Fox Business Network, NPR and ABC; his work has been featured in Fortune, Businessweek, Forbes, Wall Street Journal, USA Today, Inc. Magazine, Entrepreneur Magazine and Fast Company

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