Patterned After Excellence

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Brigham Dickinson is president of Power Selling Pros, founder of the
Power Certification Program, and author of the book Pattern for Excellence.
Knowing what really matters at work and in life and acting on what you know are two very different things. Unless you practice what you know, applying what matters most in a consistent pattern, you’ll always find yourself coming up short. Though your own human tendencies undermine your ability to live at your best, universal truths can help you stay focused on what is most important and ultimately provide real and lasting happiness. 
Patterned after Excellence walks you through what is "TRUE" in a way that will empower you, your company, your employees, and everyone else around you.
As you make your way through this book, you’ll find that human tendencies make each of us our own worst enemy. By reading this book you will come to understand that key truths you apply at work and in life can make you your own greatest hero. You’ll learn how to be more present and active in pivotal moments, build meaningful relationships, and become more purposeful in your interactions. Dickinson shows you how to intentionally apply truths that create excellence in all aspects of your life. You will not only achieve at a higher level in your career but also become the best possible version of yourself.

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