Nimble, Focused, Feisty - Organizational cultures that win in the new era and how to create them

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Leaders have talked about the importance of corporate culture for decades, but the success of
iconic companies like GE, Apple, and Google shows how culture is a strategic lever that can be
utilized for driving growth, change, and innovation. In this new age of globalization, rapid
technology shifts, and constant disruption, the 21st century marketplace is more volatile and
uncertain than ever. To thrive, businesses need a new kind of emphasis around culture.

For successful companies in this new era, culture is not about playing defense but about going on
offense. It’s purposely designed, leveraged, and honed to deliver value and drive growth. In
Nimble, Focused, Feisty , Roberts provides not only a look into what these organizations are
doing differently but also a blueprint and framework so your company can create a cultural
strategy to thrive in the new era.

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