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Stepping Up

Have you ever had an itch you were unable to scratch? Has your home ever become hostage to the temperature whims of your adult children? Have you wondered how to respond to that Doctor with whom you disagree about your treatment options? Have you ever been caught napping in public? This inspirational, insightful collection of essays shares firsthand accounts of persons living with life-altering disabilities. Author Joseph S. Groh shares his journey after a spinal cord injury changed his life, inviting you to learn about the incredible, poignant, and just plain funny experiences from life as a quadriplegic. Stepping Up includes stories by Joe and three others, offering a compelling window into lives of determination, perseverance, and hope. Whether comical, infuriating, or just plain incredulous, these stories are all based in reality, and offer an inspirational look at life, with inferences for your own.

Two Wheels to Four

Two Wheels to Four talks about learning to prevail in times of extreme difficulty, vowing to never look back, never give up and remain positive. Based upon real-life events, this book talks about how overcoming obstacles is a function of your life experiences, your support network and your faith. The story follows Joe's life from childhood through the point of his major life altering accident. It concludes with how his family has chosen to look outward in order to inspire hope among those living with permanent and life altering disabilities.

Inspiring Hope Through Adversity

This is a must read if you want to be inspired!

All proceeds will benefit the Joe Groh Foundation.

Stepping Up

"This book is not only very readable, but it is also filled with humorous and insightful comments about living with a severe handicap. Each chapter is only a couple of pages long so it is an easy book to pick up, read a bit for inspiration, and set aside to pick up later. I highly recommend this book for everyone who has wondered what it would be like to live with paralysis, for anyone who is a caregivers, and for anyone who is depressed because of a disability. The book has lots of useful info (i.e. how to pick out a van for the handicapped), lots of humor (itch is a four letter word), and lots of thoughts about living a full life despite physical disabilities. Read it and be inspired!"

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