HVAC Light Commercial Service Agreements: Exhibits/Business Templates

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The following Microsoft Word and Excel Exhibits (Unique Business Templates) are sent to you via an email attachment allowing you to customize them to fit your company's particular need: 

1, Direct Mail Letter serving as an Introduction Letter to Businesses;

2, Direct Mail Letter serving as an Introduction Letter to Landlords and Property Managers;

4d, blank Pricing Worksheet;

5b, (3 pages), blank Monthly Commission Reconciliation;

6, Annual Sales Expectations & Earnings;

7, Job Description, Sales Representatives;

8, Commercial Service Agreement Sales Representative Newspaper Classified Ad;

9,  (2 pages), Management, Sales Representives;  and

10b, blank Sales Representative's Commercial Service Agreements Daily Report.

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Your investment is only $17.95 with no shipping and handling charge.

Exhibits will be sent via email in a zip file.

Service Roundtable members earn a 5% rebate through Roundtable Rewards for each set purchased.

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