SELLING WITH T.R.U.S.T.® PLATINUM EDITION - Complete Training Bundle.

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Selling with TRUST® Platinum Edition

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Tom Piscitelli

Sales Coach

Phone: (425) 985-4534

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What you will see and hear is a 20-year collection of customer-friendly, professional sales techniques that will help you produce the highest sales, the highest close rates, the highest customer satisfaction and the income you wish for...and deserve!

Most contractor managers don't have the time or experience to actively manage their sales team, resulting in lower sales & profits. This section includes sales management fundamentals that will help you create a goal-oriented, high-performance sales team.

I am certain there is much contained in this series that you will find valuable. I encourage you to take action, now, and to create the success that you want...and deserve.


Tom’s 36 years’ experience in HVAC sales training, sales management, sales coaching, marketing and consulting have given him a broad and diverse business expertise. He has developed his sales training and business capabilities by working with major manufacturers, distributors, contractors, builders and utilities.

In 1997, Tom founded TRUST® Training and Consulting and began conducting sales seminars that have improved the confidence and sales performance of over 8,000 HVAC sales professionals.

His articles have been published in many trade magazines, he often speaks at industry conventions and he particularly enjoys bringing cutting edge training approaches to our industry.

Tom enthusiastically focuses on the sales person’s relationship with the customer as paramount to sales success. “People buy from people, in particular people they trust. Developing professional selling skills that help build a trusting, long-term relationship with customers is what I strive to bring to our sales graduates.”

Tom’s T.R.U.S.T.® and CHOICE® sales processes are focused on creating client relationships that last. His training has been referred to as “the soft-sell with high-skill”.

 1: NEW Professional In-Home Sales Call Training DVD

  • All NEW video examples
  • Sell Yourself. Sell Your Company. Sell Solutions to Your Customers’ Problems.
  • UpdatedSelling with TRUST® Sales Call Process
  • Expanded CSR Appointment Setting withPower Selling Pros
  • Integrating Basic Home Performance Discussions Into the Call
  • Using Financing to Close the Sale
  • Selling Aeroseal® at the Kitchen Table

2: Sales Coach Toolkit

These training modules are all presented by Tom as if in a seminar setting. All worksheets* that are shown in the module are included with your DVD.


  • Sales KPI Measurements Explained*
  • Setting Sales Goals*
  • Sales and Lead Tracking*
  • Leads Close Rate Income Calculator *
  • How to Price to Make a Profit*
  • Selling with CHOICES®: The Energy Star® BEST BETTER GOOD Goldilocks Study*
  • Creating a Dare to Compare Worksheet
  • Creating the 100% Company Parts and Labor Warranty
  • Common Homeowner Guarantees


  • Hiring for Attitude
  • How to Give a Performance Review
  • How to Begin the Termination Process
  • How to Conduct a Sales Meeting
  • Full Commission Sales Compensation Plan*


  • How Financing Programs Work
  • Using Financing to Make the Sale*
  • Adding Financing to Overhead Calculator*
  • Upgrading the Sale with the Utility Savings*
  • Building Your Business with Referral Partners*


  • Why It’s Important to Show Utility Savings
  • Comparing Heating Costs Using the DOE Cost per Million BTU Calculator*
  • Selling with Return on Investment


  • How to Sell Aeroseal® Using Energy Star®
  • The Aeroseal® Business Proposition
  • Introducing TRUST PRO®onlineHVAC Software
  • Using the DesignStar® Online Load Calculator

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Tom Piscitelli