Bumps On The Road To Riches

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How to Avoid the Big Mistakes that Kill Small Business

You know your trade inside and out.  You're a hard worker.  You are willing to put in the long hours it takes to run your own business.  But no matter how smart you are, how well you know your stuff and how hard you work, you will make mistakes.  Learning things by trial and error is part of the human experience.  This book will provide some shortcuts in that process, and help you avoid the biggest mistakes that often prove fatal to entrepreneurs.

About Jim Olsztynski

I'm a retired trade magazine editor, winner of multiple awards for trade journalism and former president of the national Construction Writers Association. I also published a paid-subscription newsletter and conducted seminars on business writing and small business marketing. I still do a little freelance writing for several associates who I befriended during my career. Although my first published book is about business, I am working on another book about travel and another that's a deeply personal philosophical tract.


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