Be A Service Ninja

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A thought-provoking and brilliantly written book that serves as a guidebook for up-and-coming entrepreneurs from any industry. This book does not only explains and covers business handling and startups in an efficient and elaborated manner, but it also provides an insight into the workings of any business office and details about staff and their effectiveness. In this book, Robert Matheny has quite perfectly summed up the ongoing events of any business when it starts and then the proceedings when the business has actually started.

The writer goes beyond the orthodox beliefs regarding business and dives right into what it means to actually run a business in an efficient manner while spending the least and gaining the best possible outcomes from the scenario. The path Matheny lays out seems straight forward and doable but make no mistake. It will test you! This book is the perfect manual for you if you are looking forward to establishing your own business and are hesitant about it. It will not only eradicate all your doubts and shortcomings; it will adeptly be your counselor along the way.

There are many aspects of a successful business that need to be thought about and you have to cover all the bases before you invest your well-earned money and efforts into the endeavor. To avoid any mishap of any sort, you need to go through the book as every aspect of the business building, and then the handling of the business has been discussed on length in this book. So what are you waiting for? Order your copy now!

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Robert Matheny

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  • Posted by Robert Matheny on Mar 10th 2020


    Service Business

    I have never read a more comprehensive, overview of how to run service businesses. HVAC, Electrical, and plumbing businesses need this book. BUY THE BOOK!!!