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When I knew Gil Carlson, he was never far from the cigarettes he so loved. On the days when I was fortunate enough to be able to sit and listen to this giant of the hydronics industry, it was always through a cloud of bluish smoke. I think the man used only one match a day.

"The blue haze of those days seems almost poetic to me now. Gil was an engineer and he was brilliant. I was neither. I believe Gil saw the mechanics of hydronics in his mind's eye as Einstein must have seen the Universe. It all flowed together in a very visual way for him. It didn't for me. When he'd come to New York, I'd sit in the smoke and attempt to see what he saw. I'd stare into the depths of my confusion and try to imagine the mechanical movements he described by way of charts and formulas as real things. I knew he saw them, but try as I might, I couldn't. Not at the time, anyway. On most days, I'd walk to the subway in total confusion and frustration . . ."

So begins Pumping Away, a book I wrote to describe the workings of hydronic heating systems I tried to use words that made the subject spring to life in a visual way. I'm really happy with the way it turned out, and it's been one of our best-selling books for years, both in the US and Canada.

I kept the drawings in this book simple. Even if you've never worked with hydronics before, you'll be able to follow them. The first part of the book deals with boiler room piping and explains how you can put the discoveries of the late, great Gil Carlson to work for you. If you pipe a boiler Gil's way, you'll save time, money and eliminate the need to bleed individual radiators. Literally thousands of contractors have reported great success by following the principles in the first part of this book. I wish I could take credit for those principles, but the genius was Gil Carlson's. I just did my best to tell his story in plain English.

The second half of the book takes the "Pumping Away" boiler-room piping design and applies it to an entire menu of piping options. Pumping Away contains 122 pages and is an easy read, but I think it's a book that you will refer to again and again. It will save you time and money. Read it, take it seriously, and I think you'll find (as so many other have) that you'll never have to bleed the radiators again - even on jobs with diverter tees. And won't that make life simpler?

Dan Holohan
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