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A professional logo design serves as a solid foundation for your brand: conveying expertise, delivering a brand promise, and creating an expectation for quality. In today's cluttered marketplace, the importance of your small business brand cannot be underestimated yet most small businesses put little time and money into developing their company's logo and branding strategy.

In this book, Dan Antonelli provides straight talk for small business owners as he sheds light on your company s biggest asset: your brand - and logo design. Learn industry secrets for selecting and working with a reputable design team, creating a logo design that stands out, promoting your brand promise, and building a small business brand that outshines competitors. And, if you've enjoyed business success in spite of a mediocre logo design, this book encourages you to rethink the power of professional branding and its impact on your bottom line.

While most books on branding deal with large corporations and how their brands were built, this book is focused on small business branding. With over a hundred sample designs, and case studies for several different types of businesses, the book clearly illustrates practical small business branding. From service businesses, such as contractors, to professional firms and everything in between, there's real-world examples of how a small business can build a brand.

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    Dan Antonelli is the creative director of an advertising agency focused exclusively on working with small businesses. In this book, he shares his experience in helping over 750 other small businesses build brands, and how branding and effective logo design has been crucial to their success. By explaining how the logo design is central to all small business brands, the book graphic illustrates with case studies how a successful brand can be constructed.