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Do you know what to say when they tell you:

I want to wait!
Your price is too high!
I want to think it over!
I want to get other bids!
I have to talk it over with my husband!

Do you realize that every time you give someone a price and they buy from someone else, you've just spent money to generate a lead, and all you generated was bad publicity? What do you think they're going to say when someone asks them who they should buy a new system from? Don't buy from them, they're too high! You have got to get that closing ratio up!
With Slacker's Guide to HVAC Sales on MP3, your closing ratio will go up and you'll start using your time more effectively. You'll make more money with less effort, act more confident and feel better about yourself. Everyone will love the new and improved you!
The market is changing. It's harder to sell than ever. You've got to adapt to these changes! Evolve or Die!

Slacker's Guide to HVAC Sales on MP3 will teach you:
Closing techniques
How to make a follow-up call
How to deal with one-leggers
The steps to a successful sales call
How to establish rapport non-verbally
How to use your customer files to make sales
What to say when they call asking for a ballpark price
How to make sales every day of the year, regardless of the weather
How to use somatic responses, dendrites, post-hypnotic suggestions, brain chemistry and behavioral science to make sales and influence others.

This series can make you millions of dollars in extra sales, will give you a more positive outlook, will win you the admiration of others, and costs less than the profit you'll make on one sale!
Slacker's Guide to HVAC Sales on MP3 is 1 MP3  and 1 Forms CD-ROM.

"Hi Charlie. Just wanted to let you know that our copy of the "Slackers Guide" came yesterday. I just wanted to comment on the packaging. It is easily one of the nicest multi CD packages I have ever seen. Very well organized, and compact and easy to transport. Nice job." - L.C. I began my HVAC sales career less than three weeks ago. Coming from the fence sales business, you can imagine how lost I felt. I listened to your CD's, most twice through. This helped me format my calls immensely. I stumbled through my first three sales calls with no success. But... Today I applied several of your techniques, and walked back into the office this afternoon with over $14,500 of new system sales! This is no exaggeration. My new boss was very happy and so am I. I can't wait until tomorrow, to continue listening to your CD's and apply more tools. Thanks a bunch!" - J.H.

Use one technique from this series to close one sale, and it's paid for itself!

Price: $199.00