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Fifteen years of spending 30-40 weeks per year running service calls side-by-side with service techs from across the country in cities and companies of all sizes has proven to me that it's an exercise in futility to train techs on sales until the following commitments are made:

Commit to sticking with the career
Commit to excelling at the career
Commit to excelling at their current job
Commit to setting and achieving goals

I get into your techs heads before I get into the total selling system and overcoming objections.
This course will force your techs to evaluate their lives, their performance on the job and their attitudes toward their work habits.
They won't necessarily change for you, but they will change for themselves.
They need to see beyond fixing things and trying to dodge trouble to realizing there is a tremendous future in service and that good techs can accomplish any goal in life they want and I aim to show them the way!
This series will revolutionize the service industry.
I also really promote safe work habits, and include a health & safety tip on every episode. This truly is a Survival School for your techs.
No one has ever talked to your techs like I will do this series.
This course will not only make your techs into better salesmen, it will make them better employees, better parents, better citizens and better people.
Price: $1,200.00