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Selections from Matt Michel's editorials and "Rant" column in Contracting Business Magazine read (ranted!) by the author. These industry famous (and infamous!) editorials and rants are controversial, thought-provoking, and always entertaining.

Two CD's:
 Volume 1
  1. Introduction
  2. Is HVAC Racist?
  3. I've Got A Secret
  4. Negative Energy
  5. Grow or Die
  6. The Most Underappreciated Guy in the Industry
  7. What's Your IAQ IQ?
  8. My Nightmare
  9. Sound The Trumpets & Blast The Horns
 Volume 2
  1. What Are You Worth?
  2. Wake Up And Smell The Certification Java
  3. I Have Seen The Enemy
  4. Surplus of Owners
  5. Lending Excitement to HVAC
  6. Is It Time To Fire The Yellow Pages Rep?
  7. It's The Sales, Stupid!
  8. Put An End To Moonlighting
  9. Ranted Out

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