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Building a successful HVAC service company is not without its challenges. INSIDE CONTRACTING provides you with the collective wisdom of dozens of the country’s most successful contractors and consultants to help you meet those challenges head-on.

The tips, tricks and traps within provide real-life examples—not unproven theories—of how to profitably grow, manage and one day, exit your business.

Inside are the best practices of leading contractors, covering topics such as...

  • Internet Advertising: SEO vs. SEM
  • Private Use of Company Vehicles
  • Private Labeling - Selling Your Brand
  • Advice for the Desperate Contractor
  • Buying a Company: Valuing The Customer List & Phone Number
  • Buying Service Vehicles
  • Hiring Salespeople
  • Manufacturer Co-op
  • Reducing Yellow Page Advertising

Price: $14.95