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"Be Bodacious: Put Life in Your Leadership" is a different type of leadership guide, for a different type of leader. Illustrated by humorous and motivational stories, Steven teaches three characteristics of a "Bodacious Leader".

Presented in an engaging story format, Be Bodacious follows a young man who discovers the secrets of effective leadership through a mentor named "Cowboy," a character who embodies the many leaders that have influenced Steve in his career and personal life. Though their conversations, Cowboy's secrets to "Bodacious Leadership" are revealed, teaching readers how to become a better role model at home, in the community and at the office.

Corporate audiences have heard Steve's message on "Bodacious Leadership," and have walked away with the tools to revitalize their business. Now, after decades of working alongside great leaders on the ranch and in corporate America, Steve is ready to pass on his experiences, in a book that will bring out your own bodacious leader - both in and out of the office.


Price: $11.95